Life is a challenge. An on-going adventure. I've been lost in a volcano, survived a civil war in Central America and bicycled solo across South America's Andes Mountains.

I've authored or ghostwritten more than 60 books by holocaust survivors, street gangsters, professional hitmen, and pro-wrestlers turned prison chaplains.

I've helped market some of the most successful movies in recent history and served as Senior Editor at the world's largest inspirational website.

I've kayaked solo 100 miles through the Utah desert, swam with dolphins in Chesapeake Bay, coached some amazing soccer players to state championships and college scholarships and raised four extraordinary kids who are now adults pursuing their dreams. Did I mention my six incredible grandkids?

And, hey, I started writing a novel in 1968 or so. Published it in 1983, but wasn't ever happy with it! So, reimagined it and now it's on Amazon. CLICK HERE to read it!
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